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US Census Bureau Moving Statistics

According to the US Census Bureau’s census data from 2019, we know that more than 10% of the US population moves every year. Millions of families will be moving this year, and you can see some of it happening before your very eyes. You can witness van lines, local moving companies, and rented trucks and vans on many highways and backroads almost every day of the year, if you are in any of the states where a lot of people are moving to and from. Because of the data put together by the Census Bureau of the U.S., we can find out the number of Americans that are moving each year, from where and to where they are moving, and the reasons they are making these moves.

Many in the “states” are packing up and relocating west. California and Washington state offer some of the better job opportunities, they have very comfortable weather, and they offer the types of activities that appeal to many who want to take advantage of a better economic situation and more pleasant weather conditions. On the east coast, North Carolina and Florida are popular warm-weather locations with lower taxes. Retirees, graduating students, and young professionals enjoy the better standard of health comfort, and happiness these states and South Carolina offer. Many people are coming from northeastern states with high taxes and colder weather.

What is the number of people that move each year in the US? If you are the one going through the stress associated with the disorganization involved, you may get the feeling you are one of the few suffering the dilemma of moving and packing, but in fact, 32 million Americans changed where they reside in 2018 alone.

But, not as many people are moving. Down from 16% twenty years ago in 1998, only about 10% moved in 2018. And of those that did relocate, the vast majority of them, 85% percent, didn’t move out of state.

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Where are they moving?

Of the fifteen percent who did move to a new state in 2018, the Census showed that Florida received the most-new residents. Their abundance of sunshine and because their living costs are so much lower than almost every other state make Florida an ideal choice for many. Texas is also very attractive for its bountiful sunshine and lower taxes.

The other states that are popular new locations for Americans are New York, Virginia, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.

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What states are Americans leaving?

We’ve already mentioned that California is popular to move to, but it is very costly to live there. More people are actually leaving it to move to a place with a lower cost of living. Largely because California, Texas, New York, and Florida are among the most populous states, they are also the states that large numbers of people are leaving.

Other states from which a lot of people are moving are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Georgia, Virginia, and North Carolina.

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What are the ways Americans are moving?

Needs and budgetary constraints often are deciding factors. But, the number of items that must be relocated and what distance also enters into the decision. Full-service movers are the choice for some. Professionals that can do the lifting of heavy articles can save your back. Some will do it themselves (DIY) with a rented truck or trailer.

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What is a Full-Service Move?

Everything can be done for you that is involved in preparing for and completing the relocation. All the items necessary to prepare for your move can be provided. Boxes, paper for wrapping, tape for sealing the boxes, padding for appliances and furniture, blankets, and any equipment for loading and unloading are included. All items are packed properly then transported, then unloaded at the destination.

Customers can choose any of the services they are interested in having performed for them. All or some items can be packed and unpacked, particular items can be stored, debris can be removed, vehicles can be shipped, and much more.

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What Does a Full-Service Move Cost?

A lot of things go in the pricing out a full-service moving event. What is the distance from the old to the new location? What items are being moved from home to home? Are vehicles being moved?

What are the Benefits of Using Professional Packers?

Proper packing is crucial for ensuring a seamless moving experience is the packing. A team of professional packers has the experience to pack your household goods safely, no matter what size of residence you are moving from and to. You will be organized and can feel confident before and during the process.

To pack properly requires time, energy, knowledge, and experience. Professionals are adept at this tedious process, have the supplies needed, and understand the ways to prevent damage to that being moved. Art and other delicate possessions will be better protected. There will be insurance to cover any mishaps.

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Furniture can be Disassembled and Reassembled

Often the best way of moving specific furniture items will be by taking it apart and packing each portion with the proper protection. If you don’t have the time or expertise to do this, professionals may be your answer. They have the know-how to safely take it apart, pack it, move it to the moving vehicle, make sure it is secured properly, and convey it to the new residence without any problem. They can even reassemble it in your new home and place it in your preferred area.

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