Getting Ready for the Move

Are you ready to finally start the big move? If so, follow these tips to optimize your space and properly pack your items!

  • Make a Plan: Don't just start throwing things into boxes. You'll never find what you need and things may get broken this way. Figure out what you are going to need first and what is fragile. This way, you can access both boxes and furniture items without difficulty.
  • Make a List: It may seem silly or cumbersome, but making a list will really help you quickly find what you’re looking for. Number and label your boxes, then make a corresponding list to make it even easier.
  • Pack Smart: Pack heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items, like pillows and blankets, in larger boxes. Identify the items you might need first and keep them in well labeled boxes.
  • Shelve or Stack Boxes: Obviously you are going to want to put the heavier items on the bottom to prevent damage. You are also going to want to make sure that even if an item is heavy, it may not be able to support a moving truck worth of boxes on it so keep that in mind while packing.

Have to move in a hurry, let us help you solve that problem.

Have more questions? Just give us a call! At Cary Moving, we have the experience needed to make the move smooth and successful.

Moving Tips & Tricks


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