Moving Boxes & Supplies

Moving Boxes & Supplies

We’ve Got Supplies!

When Cary Moving shows up to a moving job we always bring extra supplies with us.  With every move, homeowners find there are two things there is never enough of – time and supplies!  So we come prepared.  We will protect your furniture with moving blankets and stretch or shrink wrap and that is included in the moving cost.  But sometimes if you have packed yourself, you may have found yourself short on supplies, because once the packing begins, homeowners are always amazed at how much they have!!!

Cary Movers always has extra supplies on hand.

Check out our supplies

If you are packing yourself for your upcoming home or office move, stop by our Cary, NC location. We carry a full array of moving boxes and supplies and can provide guidance and packing tips. Some of our supplies include:

• TV and Mirror Boxes
• Wardrobe Boxes
• Boxes of All Sizes and Strength
• Mattress Bags
• Moving Blankets
• Stretch and Shrink Wrap
• Bubble Wrap, Cushion Sorb, and Wrapping Paper
• Biodegradable Peanuts
• Packing Tape
• Scissors and Utility Knives

Come and visit Cary Moving today and see our inventory of moving supplies to help complete your relocation!