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When you are planning a move and looking for "moving companies near me," look no farther than Cary Moving Center. Whether it is across the country or across the street, your relocation is going to be stressful. But, we come to you to eliminate much of your anxiety. If you are moving a far distance, you need to not only update your records, but also find a new doctor, dentist, veterinarian and, if you have children, find a new school for them. On top of everything, you'll actually be moving everything you own into a new house, apartment, and/or have a corporate relocation. Let Cary Moving take care of that for you. You have enough to think about. We will make sure that your valuables and belongings get to the destination safely and on time.

When you hire us, you can expect quality service with a heavy emphasis on detail. We fully plan each move, and our trained and professional movers are ready to handle any problems that arise. You can expect on-time pickup and delivery at the lowest rates possible from us.

We offer the experience and services to get you packed and moved, safely and securely. You can choose from everything, including moving boxes, trailer hitches, and other moving supplies to custom packing, loading and unloading.

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Where do you need to change your address when you move?

When you change your address, you need to notify a large list of offices and companies that you are making this move. This can help prevent any issues with billing or service coverage. Not sure where to start? Start with the following essential places:
• Post Office
• Tax Agencies
• Insurance Offices
• Gas, Electric, Water & Other Utilities
• Phone, Cable, Internet & Other Companies
• Banks & Credit Card Companies
• & Don’t Forget About Amazon!

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Long Distance Moves


If you are moving across state lines, you most likely won't want to make multiple trips to bring all your belongings to your new home. That is where Cary Moving comes in. Our trained moving professionals have the experience moving cross country and can get your belongings to your destination on time, safely and at an affordable rate.

Collecting, packing and securing your family's entire lifetime of belongings in a truck and safely shipping them across the country can seems like a daunting task and it is for someone who has never done it before. Not to mention having to drive the large truck and unpack it once you get there. At Cary Moving, we know how to properly organize your belongings in a truck to keep everything safe, especially the fragile items. We can pack, move and unpack your boxes and let you just worry about how you want to set up your new home! Call us today for more information!

Moving Services We Provide:

• Local Moves • Long Distance Moves • Last-Minute Moves
• Moving Boxes & Supplies • Trailer Hitches • Packing Services
• Unloading Services • Piano Moves

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