Moving Tips

Relocating is a multifaceted and challenging experience

Because there are a lot of components to completing a move, you need to do your due diligence and research your moving options. Do you need a full-service move or just loading and unloading services or something in between? It is important to call different moving companies for quotes as they all have different capabilities, availability, values, and pricing.

Moving Statistics

According to the US Census Bureau 27.1 million people, almost 8 ½% of the US population, moved in 2021. This represents the lowest percentage in almost 70 years! Much of that can be attributed to COVID and the tight real estate market. However, when 1,000 people who moved were surveyed, 62% said they encountered shortages in moving trucks and services!1

Millions of families will be moving this year, and you can see some of it happening before your very eyes. You can witness van lines, local moving companies, and rented trucks and vans on many highways and backroads almost every day of the year. Interestingly enough, n 2021, 78% of the people who moved stayed in the same city or state!2

Why are people moving?

Most often people move for family or career, but oftentimes other factors such as climate, politics, ecology, and economic concerns cause people to relocate. In 2021, North Carolina was the 4th most popular state to move to!

If you are the one going through the stress associated with relocation, you may get the feeling you are one of the few suffering the dilemma of packing and moving, but in fact, millions of people are going through the same challenges. Depending on the type of move, local or cross country, you need to make many decisions about each part of your relocation journey.

Make a Plan

Duan DeBruyne, press officer for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has been quoted as saying, ”moving is a marathon, not a sprint.” Take the necessary steps to make sure your move is organized. This begins by creating a plan and keeping all documents related to your move in a binder or file folder on your computer. Some planning and moving tips include:

1. Chose a moving company by obtaining quotes from several companies. Do not let money always be the deciding factor, make sure you look at all the services offered for the price quoted.

a. How much of the packing will you be doing yourself? Do you need a full-service mover or do you only need loading and unloading services?
b. Is the carrier licensed, bonded, and fully insured?
c. How are the carrier reviews?

2. Declutter your home – decide what items you will donate, sell, and take with you.
3. Create an inventory list and take pictures of your items.

a. This allows for easy setup at your destination.
b. This provides documentation should any damage occur to your items in transit.
c. Mark and/or label every box and item.

4. Transfer your utilities to your new location.
5. Confirm where moving trucks are allowed to load and unload.
6. Always have ziplock bags the day of the move – these will come in handy for any loose hardware that may be needed at the destination.
7. Arrange to have the home you are leaving cleaned or, if you are doing it yourself, make sure the movers do not take the cleaning supplies so you can tidy your home for the next occupant. Having your cleaning supplies with you will also allow you to tidy your destination before you move in.
8. Pack for overnight even if your move is local. Your move may be completed in one day, but when you arrive at your destination you may be too tired to do any unpacking. Have an overnight bag with all your essentials and a change of clothes. This way you can start fresh the next day!

Do you need a Full-Service Move?

Whether or not you choose a full-service move is often dictated by time and budgetary constraints. The number of items that must be relocated and the distance they travel also enter into the decision. With a full-service move, everything involved in preparing for and completing the relocation can be done for you. All the items necessary to prepare for your move can be provided. Boxes, paper for wrapping, tape for sealing the boxes, padding, blankets for appliances and furniture, and equipment for loading and unloading are included in a full-service move. All items are packed properly, transported, then unloaded at the destination.
Customers can choose which services they need. All or some items can be packed and unpacked, particular items can be stored, debris can be removed, vehicles can be shipped, and much more.

What are the Benefits of Using Professional Packers?

Proper packing is crucial for ensuring a seamless moving experience. A team of professional packers has the experience to pack your household goods safely. To pack properly requires time, energy, knowledge, and experience. Professionals are adept at this process, have the supplies needed, and understand the ways to prevent damage to items being moved. Art and other delicate possessions will also be better protected. There will be insurance to cover any mishaps.

Furniture can be Disassembled and Reassembled

Often the best way of moving specific furniture items will be by taking them apart and packing each disassembled section with the proper protection. If you do not have the time or expertise to do this, professionals may be your answer. They have the know-how to safely take your furniture apart, pack it, load it onto the moving vehicle, make sure it is secured properly, and convey it to the new residence without any problem. They can then reassemble it in your new home and place it in your desired location.