If you have a lot of things to move, professional movers can keep you from being overwhelmed. If you own some expensive things, you’ll want them handled with care by a Raleigh Moving Company that has done this many times before.


What is the Best Way to Research Moving Companies in Raleigh NC?

Understand All the Things that are Required in a Move, and You Will Be Better Able to Select the Best Moving Company in Raleigh for You.



Can they handle the move at your preferred day and time? You may want to book them far enough in advance to make sure. Especially if you want to relocate in the spring or summer, don’t procrastinate.

Avoid moving at the beginning of the month, if at all possible. These slots fill up fast. Can you move during the week, or does it have to be a weekend?


Movers often have hourly charges, so the charges are an estimate. Most quotes are fairly accurate, because they’ve been given out often. The amount of people in the household and the number of floors in the home will affect the final cost, as will excessively large or heavy items.

A mover’s travel time to and from their place of business will be included. There may be an extra charge for fuel. Partial hours may be rounded up.

There can be additional fees for special circumstances, such as having to use stairs or an elevator, or for required permits.

Employees Needed

More movers will increase the hourly rate, but increased personnel should make things proceed more quickly. So when you compare different estimates, check to see what factors make the difference. A higher final cost can result when a lower hourly rate ends up consuming more time.

Method of Payment

Even when a moving company will accept personal checks or credit cards, most prefer to be paid in cash, and there may be a surcharge for accepting cards or checks. Paying in cash can lower the cost, and paper money is necessary if you intend to tip.


Some companies require a deposit, and there may be a policy for cancellation. There is the possibility of being charged if you for cancel without enough notice.

Moving Vehicle Size

It is important the movers employ a truck that is large enough for your goods but can reach your home on the existing road. An additional vehicle being needed can raise the final cost.


A 10 percent tip, divided among the moving employees may be customary. Others suggest the tip be based on the move’s details. The ease and comfort of the event can be factored in.


Packing and unpacking your belongings is usually offered for an additional fee, which will be based on boxes, other supplies, and the hourly fees.  If the movers have to wait for you to complete your packing as they are loading the truck, there could be additional expenses.


Free boxes can sometimes be found in back of local liquor stores or in dumpsters. Boxes can be bought from movers or Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot.

Packing Breakables

You can use bubble wrap, but newspaper will work very well. Glasses and other breakables can be wrapped, individually, in a one or two pieces of newspaper.

Packing Heavy Items

Books can be very heavy if too many are stacked together. Pack fewer of them together in smaller boxes. Other items, like a collection of CDs, tools, or pots and pans, can be placed in small or medium sized boxes, as well.

Packing Lighter Items

Pillows and lighter things can be placed in larger boxes.

Precious Valuables

You may want to move costlier or cherished items in your own vehicles, especially if their theft or breakage would be particularly annoying.


Experienced, professional movers can work well on their own, especially loading and unloading. Be available for questions, but stay out of their way. Take the opportunity to relax and let the movers do the difficult tasks.


Direct the movers to unload and place boxes and everything else in the proper room locations.


Go over the paperwork, understand all charges and the total. Both you and the movers should each sign the final bill.

Now Check Reviews

Go to a mover’s website, or check them out on Yelp.

What do their past customers say about them? Were they on time? Did they do a good job wrapping furniture and packing items to be moved? Did loading and unloading go smoothly? Were they respectful and friendly?


If you choose the company that is the best fit for you for moving services in Raleigh, you will probably find that doing it yourself is just not worth it.



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