Moving Boxes for Any and All Items

Need moving help in Raleigh or surrounding areas? Searching for local moving companies in your area that has all the necessary moving products and services at one place? Staying organized is essential. Don’t worry about searching for cardboard boxes or purchasing a bunch of totes. Instead, ask us for reusable moving boxes.

Cary Moving is your one-stop shop for everything moving-related. We have a large selection of moving supplies and boxes in all sizes, including wardrobe boxes and reusable bins. Different sizes will guarantee that everything fits properly and is kept safe. We have larger boxes to pack up not only larger objects but your lighter items. We also have small and medium boxes for smaller items and your heavier items that should not be packed in big boxes.

We’ll make sure everything is clearly labeled and carefully packed to make unpacking easier after the move. At Cary Moving, we do everything we can to make your move and transition as simple as possible. Please give us a call today to schedule your move!

Moving Boxes

Tips for effectively packing moving boxes


Use the right sized boxes – Try to keep things simple and stick with three different sized boxes instead of collecting randomly sized fruit boxes from your grocery store. This helps to ensure a more uniform packing job when it comes to putting boxes in the moving truck.

✔ Keep boxes under 50 pounds – When boxes are packed too heavy it can compromise the integrity and stability of the box. Boxes should not weigh more than 50 pounds (or more than what you can easily lift). Under packed boxes may collapse, while over packed boxes can rupture and damage your belongings.

✔ Pack by room – When it comes to organization, packing boxes by room is a great method. Pack items from the living room or a bedroom in specified boxes and be sure not to move any of the boxes before you have labeled them, so you won’t have to open them up.

✔ Label by color – Labeling your boxes is an important step when it comes to staying organized during a move. You can choose to label your moving boxes using the color system where each room gets a designated color. For example, you can place green stickers on each kitchen box and use yellow ones for bathroom boxes.

✔ Bubble wrap your items – When it comes to packing, wrap your heavier items first with bubble wrap (or packing paper) and put them in the bottom of the box. Wrap lighter items with bubble wrap and separate them from items in the bottom of the box with cushion foam.

✔ Write notes on your boxes - If you have expensive glassware or dinnerware you want to ensure the movers know they need to be gentle with that box, write something such as ‘fragile’ on the box. If it is important for some boxes to stand right-side-up, you can write ‘this end up’ on the box.

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Our movers have years of experience packing, loading, and unloading. If you’re moving to a new home, apartment, or office building, we’re the company to call. We do local moves in and around Cary, NC as well as long-distance moves. Contact us today to discuss the specifics of your move, and we’ll be happy to provide a quote for any of our services.